Laser Welding

Our laser welding machines and expertise combine to perform the most specialized task.

Our laser welding machines and expertise combine to perform the most specialized task. We repair jewelry and watches of any kind. Medical, dental, optical, and industrial tools and instruments repairs are welcomed.

Our Services Include:

Ring Sizing & Re-Sizing

Our expert jewelers can size your silver, gold or platinum ring to fit perfectly. Ring re-sizing services are available for all ring sizes.
NODAV Advantage: Most laser welders superficially size the metal, leaving a small and weak layer of weld. We prepare the ring to laser weld and fill to its maximum strength.

Prong Re-Tipping and Stone Re-setting

We can re-tip old or broken prongs. We can re-set and supply stones lost or out.
NODAV Advantage: Our detailed re-tipping technique gets us exceptionally close to delicate stones without damage. Such detail work is what makes us special.

Invisible Set Jewelry Repair

NODAV Advantage: We can take care of most sizings, re-setting, refurbishing, tightening, or any other delicate circumstance dealing with invisibly set stones.

Chain, Bracelet, and Earring Repairs

We can re-link chains and bracelets, replace worn out clasps, posts, clips, jump rings, closures, lever backs, etc.
NODAV Advantage: We are not just welders. We are jewelers and designers. We have the best interest of your piece in mind.

Watch Repairs

We offer a range of watch repairs that involve welding. Worn-out or broken watch cases can be refurbished. Broken metal straps and components can be welded back.
NODAV Advantage: Our track record with some of the best watch specialists in town demonstrates the quality of our work. See the references for further details.

Restorations and Refurbishing

NODAV Advantage: We have 15 years of restoration experience and 50 years of jewelry experience. We restore pieces daily!

Eyeglass Repair

Bring in your endearing set of eyeglasses for repair. Most broken eyewear are fixable.

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