General Jewelry Manufacturing

We are a full service shop. Hire us for our high-tech devices; keep us as your one-stop-shop.

We are a full service shop.  Hire us for our high-tech devices; keep us as your one-stop-shop.

Our Services Include:


Detailed and effective after-casting filing, polishing and cleaning of your pieces.

NODAV Advantage: Porosity and problems with the casted piece can be resolved by our laser welding capabilities.  CAD wax casted pieces are our specialty.  We thoroughly remove the lines left from a CAD produced model.

Stone Setting

We can set or tighten any stone: pave, invisible, micro-pave, channel, and prong setting.

NODAV Advantage: Setting of any kind is supported by our laser welding.

Torch Welding

We still know how to use conventional torch welding.

NODAV Advantage: Keeping pieces in place before torch welding is fast and accurate by laser tacking the pieces together before welding.

Final Polishing

We offer ultra bright polishing; plating; satin finishes; and sandblasting finishes.

NODAV Advantage: If the final aspect of your production is laser engraving a signature, phrase or logo.  We can accomplish your entire process here.  You do not have to go to a polisher and a laser engraver.  We are your finishing one stop shop.

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