About Us


Our mission is to excel in the art of service by providing our customers outstanding, hi-tech, timely, and effective solutions to their jewelry alteration or customization needs.  Our jewelers  are refined in metalsmithing, graphics, and laser technology to provide a great combination of skill sets.  We strive to provide unparalleled service to our retail and wholesale fine jewelry customers, public customers, suppliers, and our community of jewelers and specialists.


David Alvarado, owner, has been providing jewelry services, officially, for 20 years.  “Officially” because he is a second generation jeweler, so one can say that he has been at it since he knew how to hold a tool.  He has a Bachelors  in Business Administration and a Masters of Arts.  He has a strong background in invisibly set jewelry,  metalsmithing, and laser welding.  His team of jewelers contain a unique combination of graphic arts skills, metalsmithing expertise, a strong understanding and manipulation of lasers, and most importantly, the refined ability to understand the needs of their customers.  Such a combination makes them a unique and specialized group in the jewelry industry.

We Appreciate our Clients

Below is a list of some of the companies who we service.  We can provide a comprehensive list of references at your request.

  • Pink Diamond
  • Prisma Express
  • Rahaminov Diamonds
  • David K
  •  PasadenaWatch Company
  • Parade Design
  • Hubert
  • Pure Metal
  • C. Gonshor
  • Aaron Henry
  • American Watch
  • Chain and Charm
  • Chavante Jewelers
  • Immaculate
  • Ron Hami
  • Javda Jewelers
  • Katharine James
  • Limpid Jewelry
  • Sue Ann Dorman
  • M.K. Diamonds
  • Bright Cut
  • Richard’s Jewelry
  • Nolan

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